SEMA 2016: Magnuson’s All-New TVS2650 Superchargers

At 707 horsepower in stock form, an outsider might see the Dodge Challenger Hellcat as potent and powerful enough already. But this isn’t a hobby that’s about settling for “just enough,” and certainly not whatever power numbers are delivered from the factory. Keeping a vehicle in factory form and not pushing the envelope just a little would defy the very essence of the high performance car culture. And so, for those fortunate owners out there of Chrysler’s menacing muscle car, Magnuson Superchargers has just the ticket with their all-new Vengeance TVS 2650 supercharger system, a 2.65-liter supercharger with a rotating group from Eaton for the Hellcat that’s intended for Chrysler’s 5.7, 6.2, and 6.4-liter engines.

“We’re debuting this supercharger right here at SEMA on the Hellcat first, just because it’s something different. But it will transition into the Chevrolet platforms,” says Magnuson’s Andrew Mernone.

The new 2650 blower provides a significant improvement over previous superchargers and those of Magnuson’s competitors, from flow numbers to adiabatic efficiency, discharge temperature, and input power required.

According to Mernone, Magnuson has been able to gather data in testing different supercharger on test cells to compare their performance in a number of statistical avenues over comparable blowers. In particular, they found that the 2650 flowed 10 percent more air then a 2.9-liter screw supercharger, despite being a quarter of a liter smaller in displacement. “Not only does it outflow the screw, but it only requires half the horsepower to turn. We think this proves that bigger isn’t already better, in terms of using a screw blower.”

According to Mernone, Magnuson hopes to have the Chevrolet product lineup ready for production in the latter part of Q1 next year.



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